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The Samaritan
Counseling Center

Mind, body, spirit, and community – they all play a vital role in a happy and healthy life. When any one suffers, The Samaritan Counseling Center (SCC) is here to provide healing. We believe everyone should have access to quality professional counseling services. A not-for-profit organization, we’re committed to providing fully-integrated, high quality, team-oriented, cost-efficient counseling and educational programming.
Since 1999, SCC has served thousands of individuals and families of all economic backgrounds in the River Region. As a faith-informed counseling center accredited with the Samaritan Institute, we help those struggling with mental health issues, marriage and family conflicts, addictions, traumas or broken relationships. If you’re hurting, and need someone to talk to, we want you to know that hope and healing are open to you.



Please consider donating any funds saved through your sacrificial Lenten practices to the Spirit Fund of The Samaritan Counseling Center.  You will have the knowledge that your sacrifice is paying it forward to those in need of counseling.

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Professional counseling and care for the mind, body and spirit

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