Emotional wounds: PTSD and Chronic Trauma

A lot of people know and talk about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) but not many about the emotional wounds Chronic Trauma causes. Understanding the difference between PTSD and Chronic Trauma can have great benefits. It can give way to… Continue reading

Parenting Styles

Parents greatly influence the behaviors and reactions of their children. Psychologists have identified four main parenting styles:

  1. Authoritarian:  “because I told you so”
  2. Permissive: “kids will be kids”
  3. Authoritative: “let’s negotiate”
  4. Uninvolved: neglectful

Be aware of how each has… Continue reading

Help Stop Bullying

Please note on Helping Montgomery Families Initiative (HMFI) and Montgomery Public Schools (MPS) initiative to stop bullying. Here is WSFA Guest Editorial:



Do you or a loved one experience stress? Do you understand what it is? Do you have some coping skills at had to use with stress? Let us help… First, here is an article with great information by one of… Continue reading

Anger and Christians

Anger is a natural and normal emotional response. This emotion is hard to accept and not a lot of people feel they understand, control or manage it well. In addition to anger, other emotions can appear.  Some individuals… Continue reading

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