“Can Suicide be prevented?” was the title of an article recently posted on The Wall Street Journal. The quick answer was “absolutely”. The article does a good job in what to look for with an individual at suicide risk. The author describes well the “signs” and “symptoms” to look for. Also, points to analyze in the”communication” of the individual. All of these are important. The article also describes how Dialectical Behavior Therapy can help for those at risk.  However, suicide is not always that simple and easily detected.

Professionals here at the Samaritan Counseling Center work with those at risk, survivors, or family members. But one thing is for sure, none of us place the burden on family or close friends to believe the “absolutely preventable” statement.  Professionals here at the Center take threats seriously, but also have seen how many who are successful with suicide did not “show” signs or emotional distress. Many become isolated and not communicate with anyone in the last moments of their lives.

Let’s focus on opening communication with those around us regarding suicide and absolutely look at help lines, risk factors, etc. that could “potentially” save lives. But it is important to accept that the only person who has full control or responsibility is that potentially suicidal.


To read full article in the Wall Street Journal click here. The article does suggest good resources, links and information.