Alcohol and Pregnancies

There has been a growing interest in researching the effects of alcohol and pregnancies. There is no doubt about the effects on the fetus and new born baby.

The January issue of  Annals of Epidemiology features an article that discusses the relationship between birth outcomes and prenatal alcohol exposure.
It states that “low-to-moderate alcohol exposure during early and late gestation is not associated with increased risk of low birth weight, preterm delivery, or other negative birth outcomes. However, media sources have broadly interpreted the findings to mean that limited alcohol consumption during pregnancy presents no risks at all to the developing fetus.”

Additionally, SAMHSA encourages in their new FASD  “the need to consider broader outcomes, including growth and cognitive, behavioral, and neurological functioning over time. Taking this broader view, current public health policy remains unchanged and continues to stress that no alcohol use is proven to be safe during pregnancy”.

SAMHSA has a vast information on mental health issues and studies. Please refer to their webpage for further reading.

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