Holiday effects

There is a mixture of positives and negatives that come from the holidays. Some deal with holiday depression, loneliness or family conflict. Others enjoy the blessings that bring family reunions and time off. However, some may go trough similar experiences but after the holidays. Back to the routine from the holidays can have mixed emotions as well, there are some holiday effects in the individual and family life. WebMD recommends several tips after returning from a vacation:

  1. A good recovery strategy afterward is essential. Leave at least one free day after vacation before returning to work to organize your life.
  2. Sleep, alcohol, and kids tend to be interrelated. Kids get out of their routine, comfort zone and activities. In addition, people on vacation tend to drink more alcohol and stay up later — a double whammy that easily disrupts sleep. Watch how you manage those three.
  3. Be realistic about the trip and your relationship. Some couples discover that the togetherness of a vacation exposes weak spots in their relationship. On top of that, spending so much time together actually may create hostility and allow resentment to fester.  The best strategy for coping mentioned in the article is to recognize that such friction is a part of the vacation experience.
  4. A vacation can help a family start eating better. Usually people go out to eat a lot during vacation and special meals during the holidays. Plan healthy once you return.

We hope you all return safely and plan healthy for this new year.

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