Anger and Christians

Anger is a natural and normal emotional response. This emotion is hard to accept and not a lot of people feel they understand, control or manage it well. In addition to anger, other emotions can appear.  Some individuals… Continue reading


“Can Suicide be prevented?” was the title of an article recently posted on The Wall Street Journal. The quick answer was “absolutely”. The article does a good job in what to look for with an individual at suicide risk.… Continue reading

New Year New Journey

With the New Year comes new hope, wishes, changes and journeys. A wonderful article written by Christy Holding, LPC from The Samaritan Counseling Center can show what the work “journey” can mean in life and in ourselves. Find your new journey this year…



Christmas and the Holidays are a time for good, love, positive intent, sharing, connecting and being close to those you love. Here is an article written by Dr. Hamblin on Christmas and family.


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Give with purpose

The Center recently sent out a call by an email blast to GIVE with purpose this year. Supporting the Mental health of the community can me it GROW! Give this year a gift that has meaning. If you want to… Continue reading

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