Creating change when feeling empowered

Dr. Larry Berkelhammer gave a presentation about the factors that play a part for patients to heal and feel better. It all came down to individuals creating change when they felt empowered. He stated that studies show that patients who have a) autonomy, b) self-efficacy, c) self-acceptance, c) authenticity, d) psychological flexibility, e) openhearted, and f) strong social ties. He described how individuals who feel empowered, know that the decisions they make will make a difference, and accept themselves have better outcomes. Also, he pointed to patients being honest instead of looking for social acceptance helps. Resilience and the ability to bounce back from adversity recover at a quicker rate form health issues. Finally, being open, attracting more friends and those social ties make individuals create more meaning in their lives that may motivate them to do better.


Dr. Berkelhammer stated; “The purpose of these videos and my website is to provide evidence-based information on how to live with self-care mastery.”


Read his article here…

This is important in mental health as well since most factors mentioned can be the focus of work for clinicians or individuals to incorporate mind, body and spirit in their road to recovery, restoration and emotional growth.

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