Big big day TODAY! Please make sure that you’re ready to message every single one of your friends, family, teachers, coworkers and other favorite people to ask ’em to give to our CrowdRise Giving Tower fundraiser.


Still trying to find a meaningful gift? Give back to someone in need. Mental health problems are common and people need help.

Share the link of our fundraiser and ask them to give and download the free app to watch their donation turn into a brick as we build this Giving Tower together on #GivingTuesday. Email works best but make sure to spread the word on all your social networks too. Anything you can do makes a huge, huge difference.


To help, please GO HERE to give to our cause. Any donation, large or small, makes a huge difference and is so appreciated.  

Let’s build this Tower to the moon and make sure half of the bricks on the tower are representing The Samaritan Counseling Center.


Here is the link again so you can share it with others: https://www.crowdrise.com/samaritancounselingc5/fundraiser/samaritanacentr

 We’re so excited and out to win that $25,000 prize so thank you so much for your support…it means the world to us.

Thanks so, so much again. 

professional counseling and care for the mind, body and spirit

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