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We at the Samaritan Counseling Center thank you for the crucial support you provide. Your generosity allows thousands of your neighbors in the community to continue to receive the one-on-one counseling that helps transform their lives.

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Additionally, you can make a donation to the Center for a loved one.

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Thanks for your support

Below are donors to our several recent appeals who have allowed us to thank them publicly for their support. We are grateful for their support and the many who have asked to remain anonymous. Without all our donors, the Center would not be able to meet its mission: To provide faith-informed mental health services, educational programming, and professional counseling to all in need in the River Region through a wellness-oriented philosophy emphasizing mind, body, and spirit.

The Daniel Foundation of Alabama
Joint Public Charity Hospital Board
International Paper Foundation
Cathedral in The Pines United Appeal Fund
Montgomery County Commission
Morgan Clark Christ Church
The Young Boozer Family Foundation
Nan Hobbs Barganier
Dr. Harry Barnes, III
Dawn Brantley
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Broughton
Mrs. Prim Brown
David & Anne Chandler
Mr. & Mrs. William Davis
Deep Water Healthcare Services
Rich & May Donnell
Shirley Dorrough
East Taylor Dental, PC
John & Kimberly Hall
Mark & Katharine Harris
Knox Kershaw, Inc.
Ellen Leonard
Dr. & Mrs. Curt McLemore
Dan Morris
Montgomery County Commission
Dean & Dee Mooty
Keith Norman
Frank Randall, MD
Thomas Risher
Dr. & Mrs. CMA Rogers III
Drs. Sara and Peter Shashy
Genia & Jeff Stallings
James Starling
Robert Sternenberg
John and Hellen Sumner
Tommy & Penny Thompson
Helen Till
John Yelverton

John Anthony, MD
Charles Bedgood
Dennis & Stacia Bailey
Nan Hobbs Barganier
Sandy & Linda Benkwith
Michael Berringer
Bob & Lynn Beshear
Mrs. Charles Bradshaw
Linda Cobb
Mr. & Mrs. Pete Cobb
Gaynell Dixon
Rich & May Donnell
Michael Dunn
East Taylor Dental—Killian Hoerner, DDS
Ann & Allen Edwards
Nancy & Lee Ellis
Cynthia Foster
George Goodwyn
Betsy & Eddie Hails
Barrie & Laura Harmon III
Linda Hughes
Henry & Linda Hutchinson
Brian Key
David & Sandra Larson
Robin & Debbie Laurie
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lee
Ellen Leonard
Hans Luquire
James Maddox, MD
Holly McCorkle
Millsap Charitable Foundation
William Mitchell
Keith Norman
Charles & Bernice Price
Steve & Amy Rutledge
Jeff & Susan Samuel
The S. Adam Schloss Foundation
Gary & Susan Scott
John Sease
Robert Seibels
Drs. Sara & Peter Shashy
Michael Shockley
William Simons
Richard Stabler
Charles Stakely
Linda Valeska
Bonnie Waters Living Trust
Lisa & Andy Weil
Rev. Jay Wolf

The Charles & Virginia Adair Charitable Fund
City of Montgomery
Cloverdale Service Center
Cloverdale Playhouse
William & Susan Davis in memory of Ross Brown, Darren Dillon, Mike Luckett, Kappes McGough, Ilouise Hill, & Alice Tyson
M.T. Dawson, Jr.
Deep Water Healthcare Services
John Hall, Jr.
Mark & Katherine Harris in honor of Pete Cobb & Duncan McRae, MD
Jim Massey, III in memory of James Massey, II
Jeanie & Duncan McRae Family Fund
Montgomery County Commission
Jim & Libba Roby
George & Mildred Wakefield

Diamond Sponsor
Giles Enterprises

Patron Sponsor
Hans Heating & Air

Lead Sponsor
Caddell Construction
Harmon Dennis Bradshaw
Parkside Dental Care
Todd Strange Family
J. K. Lowder Foundation
Raymond James

Community Sponsor
Capell & Howard/Bob Northcutt
Guardian Credit Union
Merrill Lynch and Charles Klinck
Trustmark Bank
Jim Wilson & Associates

Supporting Sponsors
Alpha Lumber
Dixie Electric
Foshee Residential Management Co.
Jackson Thornton & Co.
The Locker Room
Long Lewis Foundation
Moore Company Realty
Ruth Lee Charitable Trust
Thompson Insurance
Valley Bank
Warren Averett Co.

Friends of Samaritan
Starke Agency

Charles and Virginia Adair
Cloverdale Service Center
William and Susan Davis
Dr. and Mrs. Curtis McLemore
Jeanie and Duncan McRae Family Fund

At The Samaritan Counseling Center, we are committed to providing our services for people in need — even for those who cannot afford the full cost of counseling.
Many in our community continue to face difficult situations today and need to understand that God has a plan for their lives. This is the promise in Jeremiah 29:11:  For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you, and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.The Center’s Jeremiah 29:11 Client Assistance Fund serves this purpose! Clients who apply for and provide proof of income can receive a reduced out-of-pocket payment. The balance of the fee is subsidized by the Jeremiah 29:11 Client Assistance Fund–insuring that both the therapist and The Summit continue to operate on a sound financial base.

How do I apply for Client Assistance Funds?
Contact The Center’s front office at (334) 262-7787 to discuss if you qualify for financial assistance.

How can The Center operate like this?
Good question.  The answer is, “Not without the support of our community and loyal supporters.” Each year the Board of The Samaritan Counseling Center must commit to raising funds for two purposes:
1.       To underwrite the Jeremiah 29:11 Client Assistance Fund; and
2.       To support the overall ministry and work of The Center–including underwriting our operations, growth and development.

Does The Samaritan Counseling Center need MY financial support?
There is ALWAYS a gap between the income we receive from client fees and our expenses for rendering each hour of service. We need your help!
How do I contribute?
We welcome one-time contributions. However, The Center is helped most by those who choose to make an ongoing contribution on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. To arrange this contribution, please contact our offices at 334-262-7787. Contributions can be made by cash, check or credit card, or automatic draft.
You can also make a contribution online through a confidential, secure server.  Please donate here.

Lead Sponsors
Alabama Power
Caddell Construction
Giles Enterprises
Parkside Dental Care
Sally Smith Legg
The J. K. Lowder Family Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Pat Moorehouse
Todd Strange Family
Billy and Pat Williamson

Community Sponsors
Alfa Companies
Baptist Health
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama
First United Methodist Church
Capell & Howard/Bob Northcutt
Guardian Credit Union
Hans Heating and Air
Harmon Dennis Bradshaw, Inc.
Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama
Servis1st Bank
Jim Wilson & Associates

Supporting Sponsors
Alpha Lumber
Balch & Bingham
Chappy’s Deli/Coca-Cola
CTE Outdoor Power
Dixie Electric Plumbing Air
Foshee Residential Management
Gordy Mead Britton Foundation
Jackson Thornton CPAs
Merrill Lynch
Dr. and Mrs. Duncan McRae
Moore Management
Paragon Construction
River Bank & Trust
Bob and Susan Runkle
The Locker Room
Valley Bank
Warren Averett CPAs

Friends of Samaritan
Beasley Allen Law Firm
Long Lewis Foundation
Stephanie and Ken Peavy
Thompson Insurance

Charles and Virginia Adair
Dr. and Mrs. Sanders Benkwith
Cloverdale Service Center
Tom and Patty Dart
Nancy and Lee Ellis
First United Methodist Church
First United Methodist Church Gift of Hope
The Gordy, Mead, Britton Foundation
Kenneth M. and Sue B. Henson Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Will Legg
Mr. and Mrs. James Roby
St. John’s Episcopal Church
George and Mildred Wakefield

John Anthony
John and Glenda Argo
Nan Barganier
Anita and Jeff Barrera
Bonnie Bear
Michael Beringer
Renee Boswell
Robert Brasfield
Dianne Burke, DMD
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Canary
Pete and Sally Cobb
Ashley Cousins
Bill and Susan Davis
Shirley Dorrough
Leslie Douglas
Johnny Dunn
Michael and Patricia Dunn
East Taylor Dental Practice
Golson Foshee
Josephine Foshee
Mrs. Robert Gillespie
Sherry Gilpin
Charles Harwell
Lee and Davis Herman
Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Hughes, Jr.
Debra Jarrett
Beth Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Cary Kuhlmann
Mr. And Mrs. Robin Laurie
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lawson, Jr.
Major Oil Company
Dr. and Mrs. Duncan McRae
Janet McQueen
Dr. and Mrs. William Mitchell
Dr. and Mrs. John Moorehouse
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mussafer
Keith Norman
William Powell
Charles and Bernice Price
Thomas Risher
Kimberly Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rutledge
Mr. and Mrs. T.L. Samuel, III
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Saunders
The S. Adam Schloss Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Scott
Mr. and Mrs. William Sellers
Sara and Peter Shashy
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Shegon
Kreg and Angela Sherbine
Williams Simons
Charles and Winnifred Stakely
Linda Valeska
Bonnie B. Waters Living Trust
Lisa and Andy Weil
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weil, II
Jay Wolf

Harriet Allison
James Armstrong
Stacia and Dennis Bailey
Nan and Ronnie Barganier
Charlene and Jay Baudier
Mrs. Claire Bern
Dr. and Mrs. Carlos Berry
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Beshear
The Young Boozer Family Foundation
Central Alabama Community Foundation
Sandra Christianson
Ben Coker, III
Richard and Ashley Conner
Katherine and Eric Crum
The Daniel Foundation of Alabama
Davis and Copeland Realtors
M.T. Dawson, Jr.
Gaynell Dixon
Steven Farley
First United Methodist Church/Broadhurst-Cloud
Fort Davis United Methodist Church
Josephine Foshee
Sherry Gilpin
Ms. Gail Glover
William Gordon
Mickey Griffin
Betsy and Eddie Hails
Barrie and Laura Harmon
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Harris
International Paper Foundation
Intouch, Inc.
C. Eugene Ireland Foundation
Joint Public Charity Hospital Board
Jim Klingler
Mr. and Mrs. Cary Kuhlmann
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee
Dr. and Mrs. Duncan McRae
Millsap Charitable Foundation
Bill and Joan Mitchell
Montgomery County Commission
Dr. and Mrs. R. Lee Murphy, Jr.
Keith Norman
Robert Norris
Caroline and Tabor Novak
Mickey Phillips
Dr. and Mrs. McGavock Porter
Tom Reinhart
Thomas Risher
Jeff and Susan Samuel
Phllip and Betty Saunders
Robert Seibels
Sara and Peter Shashy
Marshall Simons
Gil Steindorff
Tommy and Penny Thompson
Helen Till
Bonnie B. Waters Living Trust
Angie and Philip Young Family fund