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We at the Samaritan Counseling Center thank you for the crucial support you provide. Your generosity allows thousands of your neighbors in the community to continue to receive the one-on-one counseling that helps transform their lives.

You can make a difference, right here and now, with a donation.

“In Memory” or “In Honor”

Additionally, you can make a donation to the Center for a loved one.

Thanks for Your Support

2017 Year-End Donors

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Broughton
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Conner
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Dees
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Dilaura
Mrs. Linda H. Hutchinson
Mr. and Mrs. Joey Latham
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee
Ms. Ellen Leonard
Mr. Jim Massey III
Ms. Janet McQueen
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Mooty
Mr. and Mrs. L. Daniel Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Schloss
Ms. Beth Trevor

The Samaritan Growth Campaign

Gibson and Kate Vance

Ashley Cousins

Bob and Lynn Beshear

Ellen Leonard

Billy and Leura Canary

Daniel and Melanie Morris

Dr. John Williams

Local Congregations

The support of local congregations is also vital to the mental health ministry of The Samaritan Counseling Center. The ongoing financial support they provide, as well as donations of time and facilities, permits the center to provide discounted services to individuals and families from all faith traditions.

We gratefully thank the following for their support of SCC.

Church of the Highlands

Episcopal Church of the Ascension

First United Methodist Church Montgomery

GracePointe Church

Landmark Church of Christ

Prattville First United Methodist Church

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