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Lent is a time for spiritual growth so that we might walk in newness of life.  Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness in prayer and resisting temptation in preparation for his ministry. Today, Lent is a period of introspection, self-examination, prayer, repentance, fasting, and almsgiving.

Purposeful reflection on one’s need for God is an important factor in choosing how one will observe Lent.  Through the centuries, Lent has become characterized by practices which typify the meaning of this season. Some of these traditional practices are listed below.

  • Lent invites us to step aside from the busyness of our daily life in order to get in touch with ourselves and with the Spirit of God within us through spiritual discipline.
  • Essentially, prayer is attention to God; it places us in a posture of listening.
    o Amidst all the noise and tumult of our daily life, Lent encourages us to experience a new depth of prayer,
    o an authentic attentiveness to God,
    o a yielding to the Holy Spirit through which we are able to discern the will of God and
    o experience the peace that the Holy Spirit provides.
  • Fasting signifies a willingness to free ourselves from the desires, ambitions and pursuits of the self.
    o It points to a willingness to be freed from the self-centeredness that drives so much of our life in order to experience more fully the liberating power of Christ.
    o Fasting reminds us that the deepest hunger is our spiritual hunger for God.
  • Lent calls us to a greater compassion and giving to others, especially the poor and needy.
    o It invites us to honestly examine ourselves for society’s accepted addictions to possessions, affluence and power.
    o We are encouraged to focus our eyes on Jesus who gave his life for us and perfect faithfulness to God.
    o While focusing on others as Christ did, we join him in living and giving to others with loving intention while showing greater compassion.
  • The Spirit Fund  of Samaritan Counseling Center is a way to:
    o fast from behaviors distracting you from a closer spiritual walk and
    o contribute the funds saved to support counseling for recovery from substance abuse, gambling, or other addictions and compulsive behaviors.
  • All funds donated to the Spirit Fund  will be used specifically to:
    o counsel those in need of counseling to overcome addictions
    o with a licensed clinician who understands the powerful role of faith in overcoming addiction.

Please consider donating any funds saved through your sacrificial Lenten practices to the Spirit Fund of The Samaritan Counseling Center.  You will have the knowledge that your sacrifice is paying it forward to those in need of counseling.
Congregations may collect gifts corporately and donate to The Samaritan Counseling Center Spirit Fund or individuals may give on their own.  All donors will be confidential unless otherwise indicated by the donor. All donations are tax deductible.

You may donate through this web site
or by mailing a check to:

The Samaritan Counseling Center Spirit Fund
2911 Zelda Road
Montgomery, Alabama  36106

All donations are tax deductible

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