New Year Resolutions: lets start somewhere

New year, new life, lets work on some resolutions!

Mental health takes a toll in how we view ourselves, how we react and live out lives. New Year resolutions have been a big influence and motivator to change parts of ourselves. This 2017 lets plan for more realistic and healthy resolutions that can not only improve who we are as individuals but also how we feel. Here is a good starting point grabbed from The Mighty (By Monique Vitche & Allison Clemmons)  regarding general mental health and addiction resolutions:

  1. When I am feeling anxious or going through a depressive episode, instead of keeping it to myself I will tell my partner/close friend/family member so we can navigate the episode together.
  2. I will not let my nagging, insecure thoughts control me and every aspect of my life.
  3. I will learn how to love myself and make myself a priority.
  4. Self-care is something I will aim to practice regularly.
  5. I will take my medications as prescribed and will not stop taking them even if I’m “feeling better” and “no longer need to take them.”
  6. I will make a point to try to keep all of my appointments, mental health-related or not.
  7. That being said, I will not overextend myself. Saying “no” to something is perfectly OK and acceptable.
  8. I will continue to increase my self-awareness by recognizing my own emotional triggers.
  9. I resolve to practice more compassion for myself and for the process of recovery.
  10. I will practice more patience and tolerance with friends and family.
  11. I will make apologies and amends to as many of my loved ones as possible who I may have hurt during times I was untreated and unwell.
  12. I’m going to continue to take ownership of my treatment and form stronger partnerships with my mental health care provider.
  13. I want to be more productive and proactive in my writing and my advocacy work.

These are all hard and no one could work on them all at the same time or perfectly. Let’s be patient with ourselves and learn along the process. We not only have 2017 but the rest of out lives to care for ourselves and our lives. Start somewhere.

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