It’s not too late!

This holiday make your gift special. If you couldn’t make the River Region Alternative Gift Fair this past weekend, it’s not too late to honor your friends and family by purchasing an alternative gift through The Samaritan Counseling Center. The… Continue reading

Alternative Gift Fair

Looking for a meaningful Christmas gift to give? How about a gift that gives hope in our community? If you are looking for a meaningful gift to give this year, don’t miss the River Region Alternative Gift Fair. An alternative… Continue reading


Maybe the folk idea about “love” has gotten marriage in trouble. The common knowledge is that 50% of marriages end up in divorce. Does the idea about love get us to marry but then it goes away?

Emily Esfahani Smith… Continue reading

Premarital Workshop this December

Great opportunity for couples !!

Join us!!! Engaged? Pondering engagement?

  •  Based on Dr. John Gottman’s research, discover the fundamental principles in creating and maintaining a happy, healthy marriage.
  •  Laugh your way into learning about the love and admiration… Continue reading


A common condition after giving birth to a baby is known as postpartum depression. This is described by the diagnostic book (DSM IV)  as a mood disorder – i.e. major depressive disorder –  specifying as “with postpartum… Continue reading



Congratulations to this years Finalists and mostly the Recipients of the River Region Ethics in Business and Public Service.


Small Business Alabama Oncology and Hematology Associates

Medium Business Gipson’s Tire Pros

Large Business Chappy’s Deli

Individual Marion Taylor… Continue reading

Spirituality is Good

More and more professionals (from many fields) are incorporating spirituality in their practice. It has been found that spirituality is good. Studies continue to show the importance if addressing this as part of the treatment of physical and mental… Continue reading

Violent movies and aggression

There has always been the debate of whether violent movies and aggression were or are related in individuals’ behaviors. Linda Carroll published an article online on the results of a study. In general, the results show that in… Continue reading


Should you tell others about your spouse’s affair?

This was a question posted by Anne Bercht. Anne has seminars and informs professionals and couples who deal with affairs.  This is a great question many couples ask… Continue reading

Mental illness: You do care

Psychology Today recently added a post about dealing with the mental illness of a loved one. This is a challenging task, it can be draining, tiring, overwhelming and some negative emotions can happen on both sides. You care but… Continue reading

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