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It seems to be the topic, parenting is a big factor in how everything else in the world is. It is the start and the end. Let’s look at what one professional at the Samaritan has to stay in the… Continue reading


SCC Holiday Celebration

The Samaritan Counseling Center’s staff got together to celebrate a great year of helping individuals and families in this and the tri-county community. Also, took the time to commemorate the contributors for the second floor renovations (see plaque).… Continue reading

Are you listening?

Colleagues consult all the time at The Samaritan Counseling Center. We improve our skills, get other professional perspectives, as part of self-care and for ethical reasons too. But what it comes down to it is to bring light… Continue reading

Give and Give

This holiday season start your shopping early for your family and loved ones and at the same time give to those in need from your community. 



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