The Samaritan Counseling Center (SCC) offers services from a faith-informed, family-friendly worldview while integrating the medical community and spiritual aspects of each client’s life – whatever their faith tradition or lack thereof, respecting the dignity of individual differences.


Our services include:

  • Individual, couple and family counseling
  • Collaboration and consultation services with client’s physicians
  • Referrals to physicians and psychiatrists
  • Group counseling
  • Premarital counseling
  • Employee assistance services
  • Workshops and educational presentations
Services Services

As clinicians, we work with individuals, couples, families, groups, adults, children, adolescents, single-parent families and stepfamilies struggling with a variety of issues – and match the right mental health counselor to their specific needs. Learn more here.

Counseling is performed in person and through video sessions. All of our clinicians have a TeleMental Health Certification through the Telehealth Certification Institute. All of the telehealth services are perfomed through Business Zoom a secure and HIPAA compliant platform.

Since July 2002, The Samaritan Counseling Center, Inc. has been fully accredited by The Solihten (formerly Samaritan) Institute, a national accreditation body that provides affiliated centers administrative and financial consultation, accreditation, management resources, educational events and training, leadership development, new program development, national representation and research.

The Institute’s mission is to help provide integrated, team-oriented, cost-efficient counseling and services which emphasize mind, body, spirit and community. Accreditation ensures that The Samaritan Counseling Center adheres to the Institute’s high administrative and clinical standards.

Our center has a standard fee for service. We accept payment from most insurance companies and employee assistance plans. Prior authorization by the insurance carrier is necessary in most instances. Our staff will assist you with your insurance company’s specific requirements and inform you of the required deductible and copay.

For those who are uninsured or underinsured, fees are often adjusted between clients and their mental health counselor according to established guidelines. Clients who lack coverage or resources to pay the standard fee should ask about the Samaritan Jeremiah 29:11 Client Assistance Fund, which assists in providing professional clinical services, contingent upon client need as well as availability of funds.

Call the Center’s front office at 334-262-7787 if you have questions about the fee schedule.

Center counselors are credentialed with many insurance companies and employee assistance plans. However, not every clinician or mental health counselor is credentialed by all insurance carriers. We will determine whom your insurance covers when you provide your insurance information.

In some cases, prior authorization by the insurance carrier is necessary. The intake coordinator will verify your insurance coverage and co-pays prior to your first appointment.

Insurance companies that cover services include, but are not limited to:

  • Aetna
  • American Behavioral Benefits Management (ABBM)
  • All Kids
  • Behavioral Health Systems (BHS)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama
  • Federal Employees
  • State Employees
  • City of Montgomery
  • Blue Card (out-of-state policies)
  • Champ VA
  • Cigna
  • ComPsych
  • Magellan
  • Medicare
  • UMR
  • United Health Care
  • Value Options
  • Viva Health Care
  • Tricare
    • Prime
    • Standard
    • Retired
    • Tricare for Life

Through employee assistance program offerings, The Samaritan Counseling Center (SCC) provides confidential counseling and assessment services to businesses, employees and their families to better manage home and workplace issues. Businesses investing in a customized employee assistance program can increase workplace morale and productivity while substantially saving on claims against health insurance plans.

Our diverse staff of licensed clinicians and experienced mental health professionals has a proven track record of providing quality services to help improve the emotional and mental health of companies’ employees through:

  • Substance abuse screenings
  • Marital and family therapy
  • Brief, problem-specific counseling
  • Mental health assessment, counseling and referral
  • Workplace seminars
  • Supervisory referral and assessment
  • Identifying issues related to employee performance

An employee assistance program from SCC offers a company’s employees time-limited services at a reduced rate. The employee may self-refer or be referred by supervisors for an assessment. The company pays for the agreed-upon number of sessions for each employee with or without a copay for the employee.

If the issues are resolved, treatment is complete. If the issues are not resolved after the allotted number of visits, the employee may continue to attend counseling through their medical benefits or on a private-pay basis.

Some of the companies with whom we participate include:

  • Aetna Resources for Living
  • American Behavioral Benefits Managers
  • Behavioral Health Systems (BHS)
  • ComPsych
  • EAP Lifestyle Management
  • Value Options

Workshops and Educational Programs
As consultants, the Center responds to needs of businesses, churches and community agencies by presenting workshops and consultation designed to heal, inform and empower. Consultations may be brief or long-term and may involve crisis intervention and trauma debriefing, conflict resolution, training, and other organizational needs.