We found this interesting website that shows those who are in crisis to “text” a professional.

They state “The Crisis Text Line aims to make it a little easier. The group offers free, 24/7 emotional support for young people, and it’s as simple as sending a text. Trained volunteers are on standby to listen and help talk you through a crisis. While the service is intended for teens, their website says they never ask your age, and they don’t turn anyone away… You would  text 741741… The service is totally anonymous and free, although the standard texting rates from your carrier apply. Specialists use active listening to help people in moments of crisis. Of course, you don’t want to abuse the service, as it’s volunteer-based and meant for those who are feeling desperate. But for young people who genuinely need help, it’s good to know this service is available”

In times of crisis we urge you seek certified counselors in your community. We can help, and / or you can also consider options like these: your family, friends, or a local church or minister.


(see http://lifehacker.com/get-mental-health-help-with-the-crisis-text-line-1688128239)

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