Thinking about Mother’s Day on Mental Health Month


Claudia Gold noted  the importance in recognizing the needs and struggles mother’s have.

She wrote: crying, sleep and feeding problems often affect the emotional well being of new parents. The baby’s mood can affect the parents, and the parents’ mood can affect the baby. Parent and baby can interact in a way that causes worsening of each other’s distress. This is the point at which help is needed- for the parent, for the baby, for the relationship.

In recognition of May as National Mental Health Awareness Month, President Obama made a proclamation that included this statement:

My Administration is also investing in programs that promote mental health among young people.

While he went on to speak of working with teachers and students, my hope is that Obama will recognize that prevention starts with parents and babies. This includes supporting of strong, healthy parent-child relationships.

One of the initiatives is a new program MCPAP for Moms. The aim of the program is to provide statewide support for pediatricians, obstetricians and other clinicians who have the opportunity to identify and treat new parents who may be struggling with a range of perinatal emotional complications. MCPAP for Moms is partnering with the wonderful organization, MotherWoman, to integrate the community based perinatal support model, as well as the valuable and important program at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, MSPP Interface Referral Service, that connects people in need of help with the appropriate care.

We appreciate all the hard work that comes from being a mother. Happy Mother’s day to all….


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