Try a Social Media Cleanse

We’re addicted to our smart phones and our iPads. Some thoughts of why we need some time off:

  1. Social Media Can Make You Anxious… “the computer is like electronic cocaine,” and it fuels what amounts to manic-depressive episodes in users—manic episodes followed by depressive periods.
  2. It Can Be Rough On Your Self-Esteem… 50% of social media users honestly felt that using Twitter, Facebook, and the like had an overall negative effect on their lives
  3. It Can Give You A Constant Case Of FOMO… fear of missing out, is a very real thing. We see our friends having The Most Fun Time Ever on Instagram or Facebook and wonder why we’re not there
  4. Social Media Can Actually Harm Your Health… reading too into, and getting too angry about things said and done over social media can be extremely bad for your blood pressure
  5. You Can End Up Feeling Ultimately Less Connected…. Quick! When was the last time you stopped texting, and actually picked up the phone and called someone you haven’t spoken to in a while?
  6. It Can Keep You From Actually, You Know, Experiencing Your Life… see a band play, or attended music festival, and people spend the majority of the event with their phones in front of their faces

What do you think? Are you ready for a social media cleanse

By Julie Gerstein

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